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In the realm of mental health and spoken word artistry, Cedric Dale Hoard stands as a luminary figure, seamlessly blending the roles of healer and storyteller. With an unwavering belief that even the most challenging experiences can pave the way for profound healing, Cedric has dedicated his career to illuminating the intersections of vulnerability and resilience. 


Cedric's ability to navigate the delicate nuances of the human experience has earned him recognition as a speaker who not only imparts wisdom but also fosters genuine connections with his listeners. Cedric's unique approach intertwines therapeutic expertise with the power of spoken word, creating an atmosphere where vulnerability becomes a catalyst for transformation. 

Beyond his therapeutic endeavors, Cedric has made a significant mark on the spoken word landscape. His performances have resonated nationally, with appearances at prestigious events and platforms, showcasing his talent alongside esteemed poets. Cedric's words are not merely expressions; they provide hope and perspective.

Apart from his professional endeavors, Cedric is a devoted husband and father, embodying the values of family and commitment in both his personal and professional life. Cedric's steadfast faith in God serves as the bedrock of his life, allowing him to passionately connect mental health principles with the deeper dimensions of faith and spirituality. Cedric Dale Hoard stands at the intersection of therapeutic expertise, artistic expression, and spiritual insight, offering a holistic and transformative journey for those seeking healing and empowerment. 

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