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An Open Letter To Facebook


It is amazing to me how you possess a relationship with many other people, but yet you know me so well...(it eerily sounds familiar).

So because we have developed an eight year relationship, I decided to write you a letter.

Dear Facebook,

At times I have spoken through you just to get love from you.

I have traded in the gift of God's reassurance over my life for your gift of likes and comments.

I have let the "highlights" down your "timeline" rush and question my own life timeline.

Thank you for masking my insecurities to make me appear humble.

At times I have shaped my happiness based on whether or not you have given me enough "thumbs up" for the day.

I have been annoyed when you show more "love" to others instead of me.

I have told you my accomplishments before acknowledging the One who gave them to me.

I have let you define my significance, purpose, and calling.

At times I felt less than when you shared other people's success, and then I felt less than when those same people didn't "share" my success.

I have taken many breaks from you, only for you to grab my attention like I never left.

I have let you interrupt the time I spend with the ones I love.

I have compared myself with many of your other "friends."

You have helped me in my loneliness, yet at the same time you made me even more aware of my loneliness.

At times you are the first thing I gaze my eyes upon in the morning.

At times you are the last thing my eyes behold at night.

You show me all the names of my "friends," but yet when people ask who my friends are, I have difficulty naming them.

Facebook I am the one who should be apologizing to you, because I am not merely meant to "use" you, but to be a good steward of you.

Don't get me wrong, my relationship with you hasn't been ALL negative. I could have mentioned more positive things; however, I wanted to show you how much power I gave to you.

Yes, I gave you the power. I gave you too much of me; yet I gave God less of me.

I have given my mental health less of me.

I have given my dreams less of me.

I have given others less of me.

And if I want to see the best in me, I have to invest in me...

So that means you have to get less of me.


Cedric Dale Hoard


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